When did the project start?

Project started 31-04-2022

What are the conditions of the referral program?

You get 10% of the amount of investments of your referrals and all bonuses.

What is the bonus when you first enter?

When you first enter, you get a bonus of 10 USD.

How is the withdrawal of funds?

Withdrawals are available without investments, the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.10 USD. The cashout is made without delay.

What is the percentage of payback?

The payback percentage of each mode is different and start from 40% monthly.

Why my income balance is zero after login?

For free accounts - to get your income balance active you need login at once one a week.

Why my account banned?

For free accounts - please don`t use Proxy or Tor for login. For all accounts - don`t use any browser automation, don`t send any kind of spam to get new referrals (like hidden iframe, email spam and other black methods).